Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Wide Lat Pull Down with Exercise Bands


Blake Kassel of Liveexercise.com demonstrates the “Wide Lat Pull Down” using Exercise Bands.
Go to http://www.liveexercise.com for more great exercises and FREE live exercise bands workouts. The wide lat pull is a classic exercise to work the largest muscle on the back, the Latissimus Dorsi. Although a machine for this can be found in almost any gym, Blake recreates the same exercise with exercise bands.


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  1. First video I've seen by this guy. Excellent instruction! Very professional delivery, too. He pointed out little things, like don't hold the handles too tight or your target the wrong muscles. Very clear on the exact right posture. I'm coming back to him for other moves.

  2. i have been wanting to find a way to work my lats for a long time since making the switch to working out at home. this video and the other video "straight arm lat pulldown" are incredibly helpful, thanks for this!

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