Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout to Improve Mood and Circulation – Relaxing Stretching Workout


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  1. Hey love this video! Thanks so much for posting this! I'm a Youtube channel newbie and I'm super excited to see more POSITIVE and quality content on here! I'm planning on posting similar content, but from a lifting perspective and talking more to women who live in cities and deal with introversion and anxiety and how to break out of it! Good luck with your continued success 🙂

  2. You guys are incredible and so good at what you do! I always enjoy your videos, even if I have to really push myself. I love hearing "Workout Complete!" at the end, makes me feel accomplished! lol Thank you for all that you do!! <3

  3. Hi, guys! I love your videos and they have been helping me a lot. I just wanted to tell you that and also that in this video I can barely hear you, Kelli, which was very frustrating because I'm trying to close my eyes and relax but I just couldn't.
    But don't worry I still really like you guys! hahahaha

  4. Deep glute stretch is such a nice one. I always feel the most relaxed doing that one, as if everything just stopped. I don't know why it has such an effect on me 🙂
    Also, guys, I wonder if "this workout is complete" was something you prepared in the beginning, like "I think we should say something catchy at the end" or one of you just said it once and you decided to roll with it? Because it is one hell of a catchphrase x)

  5. I just love your videos. Sometimes you are just not in the mood or the gym and all the clowns catcalling you at the gym, so it's awsome to have such a good option of workout to do at home. Thank you for that guys!

  6. Kelly u r the best!!! I love watching ur videos could u recomment if ther's any crash exercise routine for specially for students? I'm student n i do sit a lot i mean like aaa loooot:( i was wondering is there any exercise or yoga i can do before i go to school or after my school i'll appreciate a lot ur kind respond

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