Thursday, July 18, 2019

Resistance Band Workout – (10 Exercises to target the legs)


Love a resistance band workout? But unsure how to use them to target your legs. Well we have you covered today. In today’s video I will show you 10 of my …


Flat belly fix click the pic and read


  1. Half of these exercises ( the way your doing them ) don't have constant resistance from the band. Move further away from the anchor point or hold higher ( squats), otherwise you may as well not use them. Check out James Grage on Youtube to see how resistance bands should be used to give you a great workout.

  2. Tip for people who can't find something to loop the resistance band around in their hotel room: use the doorstopper that comes with the resistance bands package. Pull the resistance band through it, put the door stopper behind the door, close the door and you're good to go. For exercises where you need to pull the resistance band down from something, just throw the doorstopper over the door, close it and it should hold.

  3. is it important to feel sort of a pain while doing these? cz I feel no pain after doing those n does it not mean the legs are worked out?

  4. Grant,ur the best trainer ever!! U do the best training with either nothing or just simple stuff–no expensive machines or cryo-freezer stuff…just basic stuff that actually works! I'm down 2 inches on my waist and have gotten so much more core strength in like 10 minutes a day! 💗u dude!!👍🏻💪🏻

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