Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Resistance Band Chest Workout 🔴[ No Attaching Bands to Anything ]🔴


In this Resistance Band Chest Workout you will use your resistance bands without attaching to get a serious pump in your chest.


Check out this 20 minute resistance band chest workout:

The current resistance bands we use:

This exercise tube workout is short but it is serious. Figure out what type of resistance you need to really push yourself and then get started. Prepare to make gains!


WORKOUT OVERVIEW: Resistance Band Chest Workout
• 7 Exercises
• No need to attach bands to anything
• 2 sets of each exercise
• 30 Sec On // 15 Sec Off // 30 Sec Extended Break

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  1. Mega beginner, just trying to add some purposeful movement every day. I just worked 14 hours and have 12 more to go (I'm a crisis counselor) and am SO grateful for these quick, no attachment necessary workouts! Easy to do right here in the office. I appreciate you!

  2. Simon just keep trying and you will get there. Life is like a toddler they keep falling down but keep getting upper until they eventually walk. You just keep getting up guy. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you. I was given one year to live in 2007 but I am still pushing. God Bless you

  3. Ok, I count only six
    Standing incline chest press
    Lying decline chest press
    Staggered hand push-ups
    Wide stance single arm low crossover
    Standing high band crossover
    Close arm band a push-up

  4. Being a European Coach driver is Hard to keep fitness and go to the gym regularly….. even tho now its harder as I dislocated my shoulder so long journey for me to fully recover. Luckily i can go back to work. Thanks to that video I can keep my fitness, focus on recovery and get stronger than ever 🙂 thank you! ❤

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