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Patellar Tendonitis Exercises & Stretches for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo


Patellar tendonitis, or jumper’s knee, is when there is pain in the knee right at the attachment of the patellar tendon to the kneecap (patella). These stretches & exercises should help with patellar tendonitis. Got runner’s knee? Try these:

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Patellar Tendonitis Exercises & Stretches for Pain Relief :

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  1. What amount of time do you recommend to sit out from running or any sport when dealing with patellar tendinitis? When I sit out for a week it feels great but if I run for a bit the pain comes back again. What do you suggest I do? How long should I sit out?

  2. Thank you for the exercises! My question rather than exercise, during your recovering phase which exercises you shouldn't do, I'm subscribed now 😉 great channel

  3. Great videos and info. In regards to moving the knee cap i can move my left knee cap around but not my right knee cap because of a loss of range of motion from surgery years ago. I saw on other websites that they they recommend pushing the the knee cap around hard to breakup any adhesion'sscar tissue. Your thoughts on this and should I got to a PT for this or try this at home till it becomes loose. Not sure if i have knee tendinitis or bursitis but I ll need to go a PT soon. Thank you.

  4. Hey doctor jo
    I have recently been diagnosed with patella tendonitis and i have started doing your exercises. I can manage to complete them with some effort but next day feel little knotlike pain in quads and glute region. Should i continue doing these exercises thru pain or should i give muscles 48 hours rest between exercises? I dont feel pain during the exercises. I feel it 2-3 hours after i have done them.

  5. Ive been so stuck with my quad tendonitis. It's miserable. I stretch and try to do light weight body exercises but can't seem to kick the constant throbbing pain. Where do you suggest I get started to fix the pain in my left quad/patellar?

  6. When I move his knee it Doesnt hurt right there. He says it hurts towards the outside of his knees but not really tender to touch. Its a burning, and he can't run. Jump or go side to side without it hurting or even when he gets off the floor it'll hurt. But only hurts with activity. Can that still be tendonitis?

  7. Hey I have a question, I have runners knee and it doesn’t hurt terrible but if I feel around my knee I can feel my patellar tendon but it’s not like that on the other knee. Great video btw 👍🏽

  8. Hello! So in September of 2017, my patellar tendon disconnected from where it's connected to my tibia in my left leg and I had to get three screws. My leg is still slightly smaller than my right. What are some exercises I should do to regain muscle balance?

  9. This video was insanely helpful Dr. Jo. Also I love your dog haha. I just started noticing pain in my right knee to the point where it hurts when I run/play sports. I suspect tendinitis but I’d appreciate your help/input on if my suspicions have any truth to them.

    I noticed that when I walk/run or just stand around my feet do not mirror each other. One of them is slanted outwards or just off. Is it possible that I developed pt due to improper movement which caused my knee to take on more pressure? Also I realized I often sleep on my side with one knee raised up and the other leg straight. Would that cause some sort of hip imbalance which causes the pain? The pain is in my right knee by the way. I’m not able to afford seeing a doctor right now so any help would be amazing. Again, great video and thanks for all you do for this platform and the people on it!

  10. I have had Patellar Tendinitis for 3 years. My doctor said I should take 3 weeks off of soccer. Because I do it all year long. Nope not doing that. I hope this works. Thanks. Also I have it on both knees

  11. Have a son w/ patellar tendinitis from pitching (baseball). Can he start doing these now or does he need to rest awhile before starting? His PT is suggesting 100% rest before even starting to stretch/strengthen

  12. Great video. Question though, most of the time I feel my knee pain right after I work out, that caused me to stop working out for a couple of months now, but if I do any working out, like an elliptical workout, my knee hurts again right after I’m done working out. I did these workouts and I felt some pain in my knee afterwards. Is that supposed to happen? The pain is mostly felt when I go up and down the stairs.

  13. Dr. Jo,
    I’ve been really bad about treating my patellar tendinitis. I got hurt about a year ago playing soccer and every time I went to PT I feel like my therapist would just keep adding aggravation to my knee. I’ve gained a ton of weight since and I want to know, how long should I do these stretches/workouts and what would be the next step? I tried the straight leg raise as I was watching and immediately felt the stretch in the patellar area. I just want to be able to run and meet lose all this weight again.

  14. Hi Doctor Jo, if I have burning sensations around the knees that go from the knee trough VMO and up, that shouldn't be patellar tendonitis? I visited orthopedic and he said that my patella should be only painful not "under fire" …after that he manipulated with both my kneecaps, and after a while, diagnosed me with chondromalacia of patella (both knees). But he seemed very insecure when he said that. Since then I have been working exercises for pattelas but that only aggravates my condition. What could that be, just tendonitis or smth?

  15. Hi doctor jo, my dr told me I might have tendonits but my knee isn’t tender at the bottom it’s really tender on my left knee on the top left side when I push on that side of the knee cap and it hurts most when doing some kind of squatting motion or a workout that involves some kind of strain on my knee thank you

  16. I can report that after watching this video and doing the exercises, I have experienced immediate relief for my knee. I have stretched and used a massage tool on trigger points which only achieved some relief. Not being able to do the bridge without knee pain, or walk upstairs without pain and been my problem for several months now. Simply sitting in a chair and alternate raising my knees has been a wonderful exercise for relief. I will now incorporate your exercises in my normal twice weekly gym routine. I am 77 years old and have this problem for nearly two years. Thank you so much.

  17. Hi Dr Jo, thanks for the wonderful video. I just finished my first session. I am having patella issues due to overuse and weight training. While I’m having these problems, should I not do any exercises like walking on treadmill, bike, etc? If not what would you suggest I do for cardio?
    Your response would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks 😃

  18. hi dr. Jo. I think I have a patellar tendonitis, but my knee is making a popping sound, every 5 to 10 minutes of driving, or even just sitting in a car. Especially when straightening my knee after bending it about 90 degrees. You didn't mention anything about popping knees in this video. Would the stretches and the exercises work for those with popping knees as well?

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