Sunday, June 16, 2019

How To: Resistance Band Hip Flexor Stretch – WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai


The hips are super important in CrossFit movements. As we all know, the majority of our power comes from our hips. Today we’re going to discuss how to keep …


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  1. Jen, I absolutely love doing yoga sequences with you. I have been following you for about two years now and find your videos to be extremely helpful not only for my body but my mind. Your voice is truly soothing and when I'm done, I feel so relaxed. I am currently doing your hip opening sequences due to being extremely tight and they have been so helpful. Every time I do yoga, I look forward to all your new ( ) videos and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being so WONDERFUL! Namaste

  2. I think your WOD is in Chiang Mai! This morning working on a whole array of band decompression for hips here in Pranburi! Just mimicked your exercise! Oh what a relief it is! Amazing🙏

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