Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How To Boost Your Health And Energy Levels With Kundalini Yoga w/ Kimilla Grace & Ari Whitten


In this episode, I am speaking with Kimilla Grace, a Kundalini Yoga expert, the founder of KimillaTV, creator of the 10 Day Transformation yoga course and Yoga Detox, and the author of the new book Yoga Love, about the benefits of Kundalini Yoga on your health and energy levels.

In this podcast, Kimilla will cover

Kimilla’s story: How Kundalini Yoga transformed her outlook and helped her overcome childhood traumas
What differentiates Kundalini Yoga from other types of yoga
What is Kundalini energy and what does it feel like in the body?
The benefits of Kundalini Yoga on your energy levels (A FREE 10-minute intro to Kundalini Yoga)
What are the possible expected results Kundalini Yoga?
Why some psychiatrists recommend Kundalini Yoga to their patients

How To Boost Your Health And Energy Levels With Kundalini Yoga with Kimilla Grace – Show Notes
How Kundalini Yoga saved Kimilla’s life (11:11)
What differentiates Kundalini Yoga from other types of yoga (19:52)
What people who do Kundalini Yoga wish to achieve (24:20)
How Kundalini Yoga has affected people’s lives (33:16)
An intro to Kundalini Yoga with Kimilla (54:10)


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  1. Ari, after the first part when she was in a different position, the sound of her voice got really hard to hear and understand. I hope there something you can do to improve it.
    By the way you and your work rock!

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