Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Don’t Change All Your Habits — Just Change One.


It was one habit that started it all.

Not a list of habits. The momentum came from just one.

The endless lists of habits you find on places like Quora missed a fundamental lesson: everything good in your life starts from one small habit.

Layering habits is simple once you’ve got the first habit down pat

From my experience, the first habit gives you all the growth, but it’s the hardest. There’s no external force or person that can tell you during a fearful situation to believe in yourself.

The hardest and most important habit of all is entirely cultivated by you, in your own mind, through internal dialogue that none of us can hear. 
If you could only spend two minutes inside one of your heroes heads when they are facing their own fear or difficult situation, you’d see what I’m talking about.

The momentum that comes from this one habit is far outside anything else I’ve experienced. It’s the secret habit I pull out on a daily basis when I face the negativity and rejection that the world gives us without warning.

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