Saturday, June 15, 2019

AU Band Reacts to 2013 Iron Bowl Win


The AU Band’s reaction to Chris Davis’ 109-yd return of a missed field goal to win the 2013 Iron Bowl in the final second of gameplay.


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  1. This video is so utterly fantastic there are no words. For those kids to have the discipline to stay focused and play in the midst of that emotion and chaos is incredible. They are providing the soundtrack to one of the greatest moments in sports history.

  2. Too cool…lots going on here to see…the band leaders are watching the play, and keeping everybody focused…cause they provided the soundtrack in the aftermath of the play…

  3. Professional – when, with every fiber of your body you want to join your classmates in storming the field … and yet you stay to do your job as best you can!

  4. War Eagle, fly down the field
    Ever to conquer, never to yield
    War Eagle, fearless and true
    Fight on, you orange and blue
    Go! Go! Go!
    On to victory, strike up the band
    Give 'em hell! Give 'em hell!
    Stand up and yell – hey!
    War Eagle, win for Auburn
    Power of Dixieland

  5. this video was amazing for so many reasons.. first.. who would have thought to video the band at this moment.. and the reaction to the play with the great historic radio call made it a video I actually cried with joy watching.. amazing video ..  could be as one of the comments below the best sports video of all time… so lucky to have watched it… the joy that comes through as the band starts to play their signature theme was super!

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