Thursday, July 18, 2019

Advanced Mini Band Workout | Full Body Mini Band Circuit


In today’s workout all you need is a mini band and you’re set! Mini band workouts are great because they put tension on your muscles, both in the eccentric …


Flat belly fix click the pic and read


  1. Hey Tracy! just found this and omg it took me out! but I am super up for a challenge, so I loved it (i was gona cry during the burpees though! LOL!) how many times a week would you recommend this workout? 🙂 lots of love x

  2. Hi Tracy LOVE the workout, I sweat like a beast lol Thank you. Do you know how many calories this workout burns? I track my meals and calorie intake so enquiring minds need to know lol ♥

  3. This was a great workout! Thank you for creating a challenging, low-impact workout for those of us with flat feet who can't do a whole bunch of jumping. 🙂

  4. that was a fun workout, I really enjoyed it! Held my 8 month old as a weight for some of the exercises! it was the only way I could get to her stop crying and get a workout in!

  5. Love band workouts and this was amazing. Loved all the moves especially the upper body ones.The finisher was challenging with an extra heavy band.Thanks Tracy!!

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