Thursday, July 18, 2019

25 Minute Resistance Band Workout


This 25 minute workout uses only a resistance band to work your entire body! It features options to increase or decrease your resistance to make exercises …


Flat belly fix click the pic and read


  1. This was an absolute ass kicking of a work out. I definitely yelled at you a couple of times :-). Thanks for giving me a great workout! The only suggestion I would have is to offer more less difficult versions of the exercises, some were just too much for me to do, but I would have liked something similar. Thanks again!

  2. holy crap I did this workout a few weeks ago and I loved it! i was very sore the next day. I wanted to do it again but couldn't find it!! I searched and searched and the other workouts weren't as good as this one. well I finally found it today and I just did it again! this is the best resistance band workout I've done and I've tried about 5 of them. I'm going to try your other videos to see if they're just as challenging! thank you for this!

  3. I just discovered your workouts about two months ago and I love them. I work full time, have two teenagers and am going to grad school so these are an easy way to fit a really demanding workout into my busy schedule! Thanks. Oh also, I get bored easily so thanks for having a great variety.

  4. Wow! I bought a resistance band today and I found out why people saying workout with resistance band is good while doing this! I love this video! Thank you Amy 😀

  5. Hi, i just started doing this workout and i really can still feel it, you really took everything out of me. I have a question though, how many times a week should i do this workout? thanks and congratulations, keep your nice work up.

  6. Great Workout! You can really feel the work on the muscle groups. It is amazing, how something so innocuous-looking as a resistance band can be so effective.

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